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Be it understanding something of yourself or the reality of things, we all needs moments when we have time to just be. In one of the last true wilderness areas on earth, Halisi Camps offer you an unrivalled proximity to nature with comfort. Away from the city, be it in Serengeti where you see the circle of life that is the largest migration of mammals on the planet, feel the space of vast plains and the peace of nature or Lake Natron, where Masai live at one with a harsh environment of immense beauty and breath-taking scenery. Halisi camps lets you be.

‘Halisi’, meaning authentic or real in Kiswahili, is a state of mind as well as place. If you want large lodge buildings with swimming pools or custom made Indian rugs and brass samovars, we are not the place for you.

A simple bush camp experience, intimate and inviting, based on good food, friendly personal service and providing all the comfort you need.

Welcome to Halisi Camps – Come Closer.

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