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What they say
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Halisi Camps has been operating since December 2011. In that time we have had more than
a thousand guests. The response of our guests has been very positive. Here is a selection taken from Trip Advisor, you can read more here.

“Camping like no other!”
I loved everything about this camping experience! I can't say enough about the amazing staff, perfect accommodations and wonderful food. The tents are very large with a comfortable bed and private toilet and shower in the tent! Each morning the staff bring scones with tea/coffee to your tent and at night you can enjoy a Safari beer while watching the sunset from the front of your tent. It was amazing to be right in the Serengeti sleeping with the animals.

“Unpretentious and VERY friendly!”
We spent 2 nights in Halisi Camp while on safari in Northern Tanzania in early October of this year and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Halisi is a very eco-friendly semi-permanent camp that this time of the year is located in the Seronera area of the Serengeti where wildlife abounds. The setting is just perfect with a very remote and wild feel about it. There is no running water and no electricity, instead you have a bush shower (the water is nice and warm and if it should not be enough you can order more!) and clever solar lamps that you can remove and take with you (like a torch).
What really impressed us was the friendliness of the staff and the EXCELLENT food. At night after dinner we sat around at a bonfire and had some drinks and good conversations. A great way of ending a great safari day.
We immediately felt very much at home at Halisi and really did not want to leave.

“Real Safari experience in Style”
Wow!!! What an experience.The tents were very well equipped, spacious, had a very comfortable bed and also included a separate shower, toilet and bathroom. The service was outstanding - personal, extremely responsive and always polite and friendly. There were 3 hot meals available every day and the food, whether it be a hot lunch or a 3 course dinner was top quality. The location itself was amazing - my understanding is that every few months they move to an isolated place in the Serengeti and set-up these tents - there are no fences and yep, you do see the odd animal very late at night when you are making your way to/from dinner and hear the odd Lion, but you do feel extremely safe because the Tents are very secure and there are always guides on duty to walk you to and front your tent at night, and any other time if you need any assistance. It was by far one of the most thrilling experiences I have had. Two nights in a row we heard lions and we always felt safe because the people who run the camps are extremely diligent and ensure that every step is taken to make the guests feel safe. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who would love to experience the real Serengeti but with the comforts such as top service, very nice food and luxury tenting.

“feel at home in the middle of the bush”
We visited the Halisi camp a month ago; A great experience. we slept in the middle of the bush in peace with nature in big tent, with a lot of comfort. Great staff, very friendly. In the evening they make a fire to keep animals away. At night you can hear the 'music' of the jungle. Good food! They bring coffee or tea with a cookie on your bed :) I would like to thank the staff again for this great experience!

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